Planet Property is the first full guide to the GBP400 billion sector. The fast-paced book will appeal to insiders as well as outsiders seeking insight. Students in pursuit of knowledge have dedicated chapters explaining the world of property, its history, inhabitants - and how and why so much money can be made and lost. The 250-page book provides a plain-English explanation of how Planet Property spins.




Peter Bill

Peter's 11-year editorship of property bible Estates Gazette and his City pages column in the London Evening Standard provided access to leading politicians, bankers, investors, agents and the foremost developers of the era.


Planet Property details the inner workings of the UK commercial property, residential development and rental markets. This first major book on the topic for 20 years maps these sectors between 1997 and 2012, during the ten-year boom, the 2008/9 financial crash and its protracted aftermath. Developers and investors made debt-fuelled fortunes.

Peter explains the roles and relationships between those who fund, develop, own, trade, broker, manage and provide professional and legal advice on offices, shops, industrial property as well as new-build homes. Many major figures have given interviews for Planet Property. An informed and lively tale, filled with insights and sparkling with anecdotes.